Nakbah Project – Return of the Soul

View celebrated Palestinian writer and academic Dr Ghada Karmi’s response to the Return of the Soul exhibition at the Edinburgh Art Festival 2008

To see a full brochure about the project click on the link here

To view the Darat al Funun, Amman brochure follow the link

View a time lapse film of the Beirut installation – seven days in seven minutes

Jane Frere discusses Return of the Soul at the Edinburgh Book Festival with Raja Shehadeh and Ilan Pappe

Images below from conception to realisation.
The first row – the artist’s first drawing, and the artist experimenting with submerged wax figures floating in limbo in a test tank. Remaining rows showing stages of installation and exhibiton and finally Jane’s own figures in a vitrine.

Click HERE to listen to ’emails from Palestine’ – a response to Jane Frere’s experiences
recounted to composer David Ward in a series of emails.`