This new project is prompted by the horrendous death toll in Gaza rising daily as innocent civilians lose their lives in a relentless bombardment of homes, schools, hospitals and many other sites including mosques and churches.

Jane Frere has been working in coordination with Circus Artspace in Inverness and Highland Palestine to enslist support to create a memorial banner which will bear the names of Gaza’s victims – as many as possible on a banner/tapestry.

To see work in progress click on the url:

Already many volunteers have stepped forward to offer their help and have begun sewing hundreds of name tags. Everyone who is appalled by what is still happening in Gaza can join in the effort. Volunteers are needed to sew from all over the country and around the world, as the requirements are simple, take only a little time and cost nothing apart from postage.

Summerhall, Edinburgh – Protestmask project – vast pastel murals in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre Foyer CAT (Creative, Aesthetic,Transgression) started life several years ago as a social media project.

The CAT mask became an emblem of protest spread via social media in 2014. CAT masks, handmade by artist, were adopted by “owners” who travelled the world posting selfies on Facebook and Twitter #proTestbed.  ! Originally conceived as a protest against the threat to demolish the maverick architect Will Alsop’s arts venue, Testbed1, in London’s Battersea, the CAT defiantly took on new themes and personae first appearing on an interactive blackboard in The Doodle Bar @Testbed1. The artist’s protest highlighting Bahrain’s oppression of opposition groups received international TV coverage. ! Responding to public demand, Jane Frere created her own protest blackboard in her Highland studio, drawing on darker issues from the blitzing of Gaza in 2014 and the Scottish referendum, to messages smuggled from jailed human rights activists in Bahrain. The artist’s latest response reflects the world’s rude awakening to the rise of altRight, anti-immigrant bigotry, BREXIT and TRUMP. In solidarity with the “Pussyhat Project” for the Women’s march in Washington, Jane’s proTestbed CAT has turned pink with rage.

2013 – Multi-media installation comprising large print photography, hung artwork including printmaking and oil painting, video reflecting on the experience of living in Palestine behind the apartheid wall…..

@Summerhall 2013 – Return of the soul – the wall the Void

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